Mini Pampas Grass
Mini Pampas Grass
Mini Pampas Grass
Mini Pampas Grass
Mini Pampas Grass

Mini Pampas Grass

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These are all natural and ready to be displayed. If you're a pampas lover like us but don't have extra space for large pampas this is a great option for you!

TIP - These fluff up perfectly if you take a blow dryer to them, just be prepared to vacuum after you're finished. 

Each stem is roughly 23-27 inches long. 

One order includes roughly 10 thin pampas stems. 


Friendly Reminder

This is a natural product therefore each stem Is unique and is subject to shedding. No two stems will be the same. Size, colour, volume, plume (fluffy part) and shape may vary. Photos are provided for reference only. Our products are dried and therefore should NOT be placed in water, a decorative vase is all they need. Stems may be compressed upon arrival, reference the below section for unpacking instructions. 


Honey, I’m home. 

yay! Your stems arrived now what? 

Carefully pull your stems out of the long box they arrive in and unwrap. You may notice that your stem plumes are  compressed together from their travel. Don’t worry, this is normal and will fluff up with a couple simple tips. The easiest option is to take your pampas outside and give it a good shake. The second option and our personal favourite is blow drying your pampas with your normal hair dryer. This will fluff up the plumes perfectly. Both options will be messy so be sure to have a vacuum handy. Pampas does shed and therefore it will shed when you fluff them up, again this is normal. Once you have placed and arranged your stems how you like them, spray with hairspray to help minimize shedding in the future. Additionally we recommend a low traffic area to house your new stems. Lastly, enjoy! 


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