Dried Sago Palm
Dried Sago Palm
Dried Sago Palm

Dried Sago Palm

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-2 Sago Palms per order-

Bring the tropical weather inside with our dried Sago Palms. 

Each leaf is 3-5 inches wide and 21-24 inches long. 

This is a natural product therefore the shape, size, and colour of each palm may be different. Sago palms start a dark green colour and with time go more beige/brown. The leaves may lose their green tone with time. 

Sago Palms are completely natural, 100% biodegradable, sustainable and ethically-made and long-lasting, so you can flaunt it with pride!

The "Kimmy" Vase

A beautiful silhouette vase made of high quality resin, perfect for small dreid flowers.

Dried Sago Palms

It's time to bring the tropical weather indoors, what better way than a beautiful dried Sago Palm stem.